Simplify Studio Health Screening Forms

Daily Health Screening Surveys for your studio students sent automatically via email and text.

Digitize Your Health Screening Process

Studio-Safe handles sending and tracking your daily health screening forms.  No more paper forms cluttering up your office!

Daily Surveys Sent Automatically

Students will be sent a link to complete their daily health screening survey via email and text message each day they have classes at the studio.

Teachers Receive Reports Before Class

Before class, teachers receive reports on who has and has not filled out the health screening survey and if any survey answers are flagged based on the answers submitted.

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Customizable for your Studio

Tons of setting options to customize the solution for your studio’s individual needs.

Custom Survey and Report Times

You choose how long before each class the students are sent their survey links and when the teacher receives their class report.

Custom Screening Survey Questions

Customize exactly what questions are on your studio’s health screening form to match your studio’s needs and local health official requirements.

Custom Messages & Greetings

Customize the email message greeting sent to students and parents to reflect your studio’s messaging.

Our Affordable Pricing Plan

Studio-Safe is designed specifically for the dance studio industry and to be affordable for dance studios of all shapes and sizes. 

Monthly Plan

  • Unlimited dancers
  • Unlimited classes
  • Unlimited teachers
$ 29per month


Text Messaging

New accounts will start off with 500 message credits.  Additional message credits can be purchased at any time.

$ 5for 500 message credits

Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions?
Email and our support team is happy to help!

Studio-Safe is cloud-based and works on any internet or cellular connected device.  There are no apps or special software to download.  It works inside any web browser.

No.  Studio-Safe emails and/or texts parents a special link to fill out their daily health screening survey.  They can fill it out on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Yes.  Each studio can customize the health screening questions to match their studio’s health screening form or local health department requirements.

Student information can be imported from any Excel spreadsheet.  Almost all industry studio softwares will allow you to export your student data to Excel format.

Yes.  All data is transmitted through SSL.  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client.